‘Naked Man’ Sightings on Upper West Side

  Last modified on April 9th, 2023

Last week, there were a total of five reported sightings of naked men wandering around the Upper West Side.

Three reported spotting a nude man at Theodore Roosevelt Park, the space which surrounds the American Museum of Natural History, the NY Post wrote.

Another nude man was spotted at 10:30am on Saturday, June 5, walking East on West 81st Street between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues. A woman – Maria Danzilo, who’s also running for City Council – says she “observed a tall man wearing no clothing, except a brightly colored bucket hat and a black shirt draped behind his shoulders” heading towards her, per an Upper West Side Facebook group.


“There were several pedestrians near me, as well as a number of people, including small children, sitting on the benches to the left of where the man was walking,” Danzilo wrote. She said she asked the man to “put his clothes on” and dialed 911.

The emergency responders learned the man in his birthday suit did not have a weapon. The bewildered political candidate noted that the 911 operator transferred her to Emergency Medical Services, who informed her they had received another call about a naked man but were unable to locate him. She directed medics to the scene and was subsequently told by someone she knew that they too had witnessed the nude man “smoking drugs, possibly K2,” and that he was “erect.”

Eventually, the naked man volunteered to get into an ambulance as the two waited on the corner of West 78th and Columbus Avenue.

Another Upper West Side woman said she saw the ‘naked man’ while with her 8-year-old as they were “walking towards a kids birthday party right in the entry of [Riverside] Park.”


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