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In recent years, the rise of wellness culture has inspired many of us to alter our routines with the high hopes of improving our overall lifestyles in the process. In fact, you can’t swipe aimlessly on a social media app without being bombarded with influencers discussing their self-care regimens. Of course, we all want to receive the endless slew of benefits, but it’s hard to know who to trust and how to start — and that’s exactly where Nest NYC can help you out.

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Founded by Sarah Guffey, Nest NYC highlights her years as a practicing yogi, mindfulness coach, birth and lactation specialist, reiki master and therapeutic bodyworker. Along with implementing her unique training techniques, Sarah will work together with you to create sustainable life practices that will actually suit you, your lifestyle and your individual body. Nest NYC now has two locations in the neighborhood: a large, bright, airy space for classes and sessions on West 72nd Street, and a studio that’s conveniently located just off of Central Park West.

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“Working with Sarah has been nothing short of a transformative experience. Her expertise, patience, attention to detail and above all, her wit and personable attitude helped me recreate my relationship with my body. I look forward to our sessions and greatly enjoy the benefits of our work together.”

Ruby Namdar, Author

Surrounded by healers throughout her childhood in Kentucky, Sarah learned to lean into listening; listening to the land, nature, how those around her communicated without speaking. This concept of being in tune with one’s body and the resilience Sarah witnessed inspired her to pursue a nurturing value system as she grew up. Her lineage, the importance of understanding the link between the foods we eat, the way we move and the way we interact with the environment around us guided Sarah to her current role. “One of my prime inspirations is being alongside another as they learn more about themselves and become healthier; influencing their own personal growth and happiness. Then others in their life are affected — [it’s a] ripple effect,” she explained.

“The support I receive from Sarah during our yoga sessions is pure magic. I never once have a doubt that she is a master at what she does. She is so connected to source while in her element, you have no choice but to join in her state of flow as she guides you with confidence, compassion and ease. Thank you Sarah for truly connecting me with my body, the power of breath, and teaching me to listen to its needs. I highly recommend classes with Sarah; she is truly a rare find!”

Vanessa Hernandez, Reiki Shamanic Energy Healer

Nest NYC has locations at 25 Central Park West and 162 West 72nd Street. The 72nd Street location is larger and where classes are held. Both locations support bodywork, reiki and doula/lactation services.

Photo by Carolina Parra

Photo by Carolina Parra

Offerings are extensive, and include on-site and virtual yoga, lifestyle coaching, stretch therapy, therapeutic body work, doula services, lactation support, reiki healing and more (you can get the full scoop here).

Here’s a handy tip — if you mention code ILUWS, you’ll receive 15 percent off any service.

Read more on Nest NYC now — and prepare to live your best life!



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