New Amsterdam Burger Bar Open

  Last modified on January 16th, 2020

New Amsterdam Burger Bar had their soft opening at 680 Columbus Avenue, on the corner of 93rd Street. The kosher restaurant used to be known as Amsterdam Burger Co, and they were located at 654 Amsterdam Ave (which is where Holy Schnitzel now operates).

But they’ve moved and upgraded to a much larger space with lots of outdoor seating. Their new location was most famously the former home of Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table (the restaurant with the white picket fence at the entrance; the fence is still there!).

The new menu includes a fish sandwich “lobster roll style”, a crispy curry fried chicken sandwich, various salad bowls, burgers, a knockwurst and chorizo hot dog, and starters including sausage pancakes, teriyaki wings, crispy eggplant and more.  They’re also serving  beer, wine and spirits. And mocktails!

New Amsterdam Burger Bar is certified kosher by Mehadrin Kashrus.

Their website states that walk-ins and reservations are now both welcome.

Learn more on their website – or call them at (212) 362-0700.

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