New Central Park Horse Carriage Laws

On Friday, Mayor De Blasio released an updated set of Central Park horse carriage laws, which will go into effect on February 15th, 2019. This follows his actions this past summer, which created new rules to limit cars from Central Park (excluding those using the cross-town roads).

The original report regarding horse-drawn carriages, published in August of 2018, limited pick ups and drop offs to five locations:

  • The east and west entrances at 72nd Street
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • near Tavern on the Green (67th Street on the west side)
  • north of the Seventh Avenue entrance


Now, pick ups and drop offs will be limited to only three spots:

  • The middle lane of the Grand Army Plaza entrance to the park.
  • The Seventh Avenue entrance about twenty feet from Central Park South.
  • Sixth Avenue, Between 59th Street and Center Drive.

Another change (included in the original report) states that operators must display visible lights while operating between sunset and sunrise. Lights in the front must be white or yellow, and lights in the rear must be red. The report also specifies that the lights must be visible from 200 feet in either direction.

And one additional update to the report states that the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation may temporarily relocate or suspend horse drawn cab passenger boarding areas if and when there are “exceptional circumstances”. Examples of these circumstances include parades, construction, or heavy pedestrian traffic. Should these suspensions occur, horse drawn carriages would be relocated to other areas within Central Park.

Here’s a link to the official report.

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