New CVS Opening at 103rd and Broadway

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A new CVS store will open sometime this summer at the corner of 103rd and Broadway, a CVS spokesperson has confirmed. The 8,000 square foot space will be located within the retail portion of The Rockwell, a new development condo named after artist Norman Rockwell (who was born on the block) with apartments ranging from approximately $1 million to $3.5 million.


CVS’ Upper West Side footprint has experienced a bit of turbulence over the last couple years. The most recent to close was the store at 93rd Street and Broadway, which shuttered in February after a run of over fourteen years. While the company’s press department offered little explanation, attributing the closing to a variety of factors like “local market dynamics, population shifts [and] store density,” a store employee said it was due to excessive shoplifting – and because of nearby locations which made this one unnecessary.

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When asked if the forthcoming location at 103rd and Broadway would be replacing any other stores, a CVS spokesperson told ILTUWS they “have no plans to close either the 110th St. and Broadway or 96th St. and Amsterdam locations.”

In January, Forbes reported that CVS was planning to close 300 stores this year. The trend isn’t limited to CVS. Rite Aid filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year and subsequently began closing stores, shutting down its last UWS location in January 2023. Walgreens, which owns Duane Reade and is the largest pharmacy chain in the country, has announced similar plans to downsize.


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