New, Futuristic Art Gallery Launches Immersive Exhibit

  Last modified on February 4th, 2020

A new immersive art exhibit – “2120: An Art Experience” – will open this weekend at Portion, a brand new futuristic art gallery located at 2307 Broadway (a pretty interesting building you can read about here).

The exhibit envisions the world of art in one-hundred years, in a world that “transacts on blockchain and values shared experiences and fractional ownership.”

A large scale art installation by Jacob M. Fisher will be featured. Fisher is a New York based installation artist known mainly for his large-scale string and light work.

2120 An Art Experience

Blockchain Art NYC

“This is a work that belongs to everyone who experiences it,” says Jason Rosenstein, Cofounder of Portion, a blockchain marketplace for art. Richard Heby of YTG Agency says “we’re imagining a world where shared experiences and fractional ownership are the norm.”

Fisher explores themes of collective memory and nostalgia by combining new materials with dynamic digital forms. Thus, the artist further amalgamates physical and digital forms to create a unified work that lends itself to shared experience.


Attendees can purchase a 1 of 247, limited-edition puzzle piece cut from a larger drawing, which gives them fractional ownership of a physical work, on top of the shared experience they gain from attending the event. They will also have the option to register at, where the record will be available on the blockchain for reference, transference, or sale in perpetuity. The artwork thus becomes a permanent and shareable digital artifact of a temporary physical experience.

Portion has rented the entire building at 2307 Broadway, located between 83rd and 84th Streets. The space measures 10,000 square feet; the first floor is a gallery space and the second will be used as a studio (where they’re hoping to host art classes soon).

As described on the official website, “Portion bridges art, luxury, and crypto. Through Portion’s smart contracts and distributed technology, art and collectibles enter a free market.”

Tickets for this exhibit are on sale for $12 for general admission and $8 for students and seniors. 2120: An Art Experience will be open on Saturdays through Tuesdays starting on February 2, 2020. The exhibit will run at least through February, and potentially longer depending on interest.

Click here for more info & tickets.


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