New York Language Center: Breaking Language Barriers with English Courses

Do you know someone who needs to learn or improve their English skills? New York Language Center makes learning English affordable, convenient, and fun. With four locations around the city, the Upper West Side is lucky to have one right at 2710 Broadway (at 104th Street). NYLC was established in 1985, and has been nationally accredited by CEA and certified by the New York State Education Department. If you know someone looking to learn or improve their English, this is the place to send them!

One of the most critical aspects of learning a new language is having an experienced teacher. The faculty at NYLC are seasoned and have been trained in the latest ESL methodologies. All of the teachers are certified by the New York State Department of Education and must complete a thorough orientation prior to teaching. The feedback from students prove that the faculty are doing a fantastic job.

“I was in level post advance with the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life (and I had a lot), Paras Ghelani. What an experience! He made me love English even more. The classes were fantastic. Every day was different and I learned things I thought it would take me years to learn. Thank you Paras, a lot. And thank you NYLC,” said Omar.

It’s not always affordable to go back to school, but NYLC strives to make their programs accessible for anyone wishing to improve their English. In order to assist prospective students, NYLC offers a tuition calculator on their website. This helps choose the location, program and duration according to the student’s specifications. It makes figuring out how to manage and budget very simple.

“I enjoyed my classes and the experiences to meet other people from all over the world,” said Thomas.

NYLC Uptown

NYLC has an incredibly diverse student body. In order to serve students from all over the word, the staff is multilingual and there to assist with making sure students are comfortable and confident in their programming. The school offers free workshops and tutorials to help international students adapt to living in New York City. There is a Director of Student Life who help make every student’s time in NY unforgettable. The website offers links for housing assistance, medical insurance, and many more important services that students may need to have covered while attending the program.

“I went to NYLC Upper West Side and I followed the semi-intensive course. I highly recommend this school because it offers a good relationship between quality and price. My teachers, AJ and Ivan, were very good and they always put me [at] ease. The staff is very friendly and available to help you for any problem. The school is in a good position, close to the subway,” said Virginia.

Whether a new student wants to enroll full or part-time, NYLC has them covered. They offer a flexible schedule which includes classes in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, even on Saturdays. The programs offered on the UWS include an evening or daytime intensive program (20 hours per week), a semi-intensive program (16 hours per week), as well as private lessons. There are also part-time programs including weekend English (4 hours on Saturdays), everyday English (8 hours a week), or ESL part-time (12 hours a week). There is something to fit every schedule.

NYLC loves being located on the UWS and hopes to hear from new students looking to learn. Perhaps you have a foreign relative or friend who is looking to improve their English skills. The school is also popular for training employees and even au-pairs! This is a place for everyone to learn and enjoy.

“I have lived on the Upper West Side for almost 30 years and have seen tremendous changes in the neighborhood. I am proud that we have been able to serve the community by helping thousands of international students and local immigrant families integrate into society when language was a barrier. We hope that upon their return to their home countries that they spread goodwill about New York and the USA.”- Barbara Dick, Founder & Executive Director

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