Beloved Columbia Bagel Shop Shuts Down

  Last modified on January 22nd, 2020

Nussbaum and Wu, located at 2897 Broadway (at 113th) has been serving bagels, pastries and fresh juices to Columbia students, staff and neighborhood residents for nearly two decades. Their outdoor seating and yummy snacks have established Nussbaum and Wu as a neighborhood gem and a Columbia hot spot. With pastries that incorporated both Asian and Jewish cultures, the bagel shop has always been a hit among people in the neighborhood. It now seems that the beloved bagel shop has closed down for good with many wondering why.

Some speculate that it may have been the recent Department of Health and Mental Hygiene visit where the restaurant did not score particularly well.

Nussbaum and Wu scored 34 points on its inspection on May 1st 2018. For those of us who may not be fully informed on the scoring system, 28 points or above is the threshold for a C grade.

To add a bit more confusion into the mix, there was an anonymous note left on the front of the UWS eatery stating that the owner had “failed the community of Columbia University and all his vendors.” While the sign was quickly taken down, it is noteworthy that the name posted on the sign was neither Harry Nussbaum nor George Wu, who are the co-founders of Nussbaum & Wu. We are just as puzzled as everyone else!

It is important to remember that none of this information has come directly from Nussbaum & Wu. We walked by the shop on the June 25th and the store was completely dark inside. While the mysterious sign had been taken down, there was no sign that the store intending on reopening either.

Nussbaum and Wu Closes

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