NY1’s New Yorker of the Week is Upper West Sider Wendy Strauss

Upper West Sider Wendy Strauss was recently awarded as “New Yorker of the Week” by NY1.

Wendy is the founder and organizer of Mom’s Christmas Stocking, an annual stocking stuffing event which she began 12 years ago when her mother passed away and left a note for Wendy to fill Christmas stockings for women in need.

The note read, “I want you to continue filling a stocking for mom. Every year, put the things in it that you love…the things you’d love to give to me, but I want you to give it to someone that really needs a shot of love.”

Wendy Strauss

Wendy with her niece Camilla

Mom’s Christmas Stocking is still going strong. Donations go to Women in Need, a non-profit that supports homeless women and their children. Their 2019 event took place on December 8th at Grassroots Fitness at 371 Amsterdam.

Watch NY1’s video of Wendy Strauss here.


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