Manhattan Coyotes Out of Control

  Last modified on January 21st, 2020

2019 has been a banner year for NYC coyote sightings. And Central Park has had the largest number of sightings. There have been 35 total sightings in 2019 so far; that’s four times as many as in all of 2018. And there have been at least 12 in Central Park, the New York Post first reported.

According to the Post, sightings have taken place at the Ramble, The Great Hill, Poet’s Walk, the Reservoir, and near Belvedere Castle. A couple of these sightings have reportedly been quite scary, as coyotes have charged or followed their onlookers.


There’s no clear expert opinion on why the increase has taken place.

Carol Henger of Gotham Coyote gave her opinion to the Post:

I would guess it’s just more eyes in Central Park. It’s such an unusual thing to see a coyote there, so if there tends to be one a lot of people take notice.

The city isn’t looking to reduce the number of coyotes.

Parks Wildlife Director Richard Simon explained this position to the Post:

We don’t really want to remove a coyote just because it’s present. You have to have a cost-benefit analysis when you’re sending a lot of police and helicopters to approach a coyote that’s basically afraid.

NYC coyote sightings are certainly nothing new.

We last reported about Central Park coyote sighting in March.

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