You know what street this is!

81st between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue is one wonderfully majestic Manhattan Street. Situated across the street from the Museum of Natural History and Theodore Roosevelt Park, it is also right across the street to a Central Park entrance.  A thoroughfare with the m79 bus stop on both sides of the street, in addition to the B/C subway, it is super convenient as well as luxurious. Landing an Upper West Side apartment on this block would be amazing! Read on to see some of the most noteworthy and beautiful buildings on this NYC street!

The Galaxy, 51 West 81st Street

It’s hard to miss this red brick facade, stradling the north east corner of 81st and Columbus. The Galaxy is 13 stories high and holds 125 co-op apartments. Things to notice are the intricate window cornices and limestone base.

The Galaxy 51 West 81st Street

The Hayden House, 11 West 81st Street

Stunning Beaux-Arts boutique NYC building with beautifully designed, front facing Juliet balconies, and giant windows. At only 12 stories, it’s majestic appearance is also quaint next to its neighbor.

hayden house 11 west 81st street

The Beresford, 211 Central Park West

A true gem of Central Park West, this Emery Roth construction dominates its corner with three separate entrances and 193 apartments.  The Beresford has been home to many celebrity New Yorkers, including Jerry Seinfeld, Diana Ross and mob boss Meyer Lansky.

The Beresford 211 CPW

photo credit: Loozrboy

15 West 81st Street

Another Emery Roth masterpiece. On the roof is a stunningly designed water-tank enclosure, and there are beautiful carvings above the canopied entrance. This beige-brick co-op also has a beautiful marble lobby with a fountain.  The building is sixteen stories tall and houses 128 apartments.

15 West 81st Street

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