NYC Streets: 86th between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue

  Last modified on September 24th, 2020

This is a stately street, with majestic buildings on the north and south side and straddling the corners of West End Avenue and Riverside Drive.

Continue to see some of the sweetest buildings on this NYC street!

The Netherlands – 340 West 86th Street

Now an Upper West Side condo, The Netherlands has a white-brick exterior with a limestone base.NYC Streets

535 West End Avenue

This modern luxury condo fits into the block beautifully, as it was designed to.  The apartments are huge, and expensive.

This building has an awesome pool.

NYC Streets

137 Riverside Drive

The Clarendon rounds the southern corner of 86th and Riverside Drive, and was once the home of William Randolph Hearst.

NYC Streets

349 West 86th Street

A most extravagant NYC mansion with 14 bathrooms! It was on the market in 2014 for $50,000,000.

NYC Streets

305 West 86th Street

This beautiful beige-brick buildings stands fifteen stories tall and holds 49 large apartments.

Prewar Buildings Upper West Side

310 West 86th Street

The sister of 320 West 86th Street, which was built at the same time. These Upper West Side apartments range from one to four bedrooms, with about three units per floor.

Prewar Buildings Upper West Side

315 West 86th Street

Sixteen-story co-op, mostly with one and two bedroom apartments.

Prewar Buildings Upper West Side

334 West 86th Street

This stunning red-brick building was designed by Rosario Candela. There are three apartments per floor, and the building has a rooftop deck.

Prewar Buildings Upper West Side

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