Oktoberfest on the Upper West Side 2017

West End Hall

2756 Broadway

Celebrate Oktoberfest in true Bavarian fashion by going to the neighborhood’s premier beer hall. In addition to their fantastic food, West End Hall offers patrons a spacious outdoor garden, state-of-the-art TVs, and communal tables. The classic German establishment uses furniture and decor that comes solely from local and also industrial antique stores. The beer and drinks menu is incredibly varied and diverse. They’ve got 30 bottled beers, 20 draught beers, ciders, and cask ales and lagers from Germany, Belgium, and Scandinavia. West End Hall also has an advanced on-site flux capacitor that crafts each beer to perfection. It crafts it down to the precise amount of nitrogen and carbon dioxide needed for each beer to reach its full potential. The food also features plenty of delectable options. The giant pretzels prepared with ale cheddar sauce and the beef dog wrapped in bacon are two of their must-try dishes!

Oktoberfest on the Upper West Side 2017


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