Old Images of People Looking Ridiculously Dapper in Central Park

Remember the days when you would put on your very best gown, three-piece suit or top hat, and head to the park for a leisurely walk?

Here are some striking depictions of elegant New Yorkers absolutely crushing it in Central Park between 1862 and 1912:

Nineteenth century swag; men standing on Willowdell Arch in 1862:

Men standing on Willowdell Arch

c/o NYPL

A crowd gathered at the Central Park Mall in 1892:

Central Park Mall 1892

c/o NYPL

Extremely well-dressed for a boat ride in 1894:

Central Park boat ride 1894

c/o NYPL

“Lover’s Lane” … 1896.

Lovers Lane Central Park

c/o NYPL

Fancy children riding a goat carriage and bossing around an adult in 1901:

children riding goat carriage

c/o NYPL

Even dressed to the nines while playing tennis in 1904:

tennis courts central park

c/o NYPL

Bustling at the Promenade, 1906:

promenade in central park

c/o NYPL

Saturday afternoon in the park – 1909:

saturday afternoon in central park

c/o NYPL

Ladies lounging in style, with the Plaza Hotel in the background – 1912:

c/o NYPL

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