One Local Puppy’s Scary Experience in Riverside Park

  Last modified on September 29th, 2018

Frank – A big part of the UWS community, you may have met him on the streets or on apartment viewing with me! I wanted to share the news and details of my Dachshund puppy Frank, who just had a very scary accident right in our neighborhood.

Following up on hearing about what happened to the beautiful dog Molly, (as seen on the posters all over the UWS) which really hit home with us and we were upset to hear what tragically happened in the end. I am so sorry for the family, and hope that none of us ever has to go through that! Which we are extremely lucky that Frank is okay.

On Tuesday morning at about 8:30am, Frank and I went down to our usual off-leash run in the front of Riverside Drive and 115th Street. While walking down deep into Riverside Park, Frank got spooked by something, so much so that he bolted straight past me, barking and going straight up a pathway with many steps. Then he reached further steps that take him straight towards Riverside Drive. While I was bolting and screaming after him, I hear ahead screeching tires from Riverside Drive, my heart sank. Luckily enough straight across the road was little Frank curled up in the alcove of my building. From witnesses seeing him cross we didn’t think he was hurt, he was very shaken up and gripping on to me. I brought him upstairs, trying to calm him down and checking if he got hurt in anyway. Not realizing as his tail was curled under but something didn’t feel right and he wouldn’t stand properly either. After calling my vet for advice the best solution was taking him to Blue Pearl. We got there to find out that little Frank’s tail was broken! Which means he is one lucky puppy just missing a life threatening issue. Frank stayed over night at the Vet and has returned home Wednesday with a much smaller tail but he is alive and well.

We all have our dogs out on Riverside Drive and Central Park off leash, my dog always was one to stay close and come back to me when he was scared. Not this time though, as something spooked him down there! I would love to know why to assist with other dog owners. We were just very lucky that our special little guy is home safe with us, and will be sure to keep him close!

Have you had any similar experiences? What happened? Let us know below!

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