Only One Goat Truly Matters

We’ve been writing about goats for a while now, but a pretty big event is taking place, and goats will be there, so here we go.

On Tuesday, September 14 at 11am, the Riverside Park Conservancy will announce the winner of its “Vote the G.O.A.T.” election. This public ceremony will be taking place on 120th and Riverside Drive.

The five goats, who arrived in a truck on July 14, are competing to be named the one who matters most, and the other four will be deemed irrelevant forever.


One goat, newcomer Ms. Bo Peep, showed the world what she’s really about when she aired an attack ad against two of her competitors, accusing the pair of letting Riverside Park‘s weeds get out of control and taking bribes from pesticide companies.

Ms. Bo Peep’s bio states that she enjoys going to The Met and can play both the kazoo and the banjo. So yeah, she thinks she’s better than you.

She’s apparently one of the front-runners, so her assault may have worked. It certainly didn’t hurt her. Chalupa is neck and neck with her.

The “other” goats are Skittles, Buckles, and Mallomar.

A number of public officials have cleared out their days to attend; these include Congressman Jerry Nadler, Assembly Member Danny O’Donnell, Borough President Gale Brewer, and Council Member Mark Levine. 

To learn more about each goat and choose your favorite, click here.

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