Open Air Markets on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on January 24th, 2020

There’s nothing better than weekends at the various farmers markets on the Upper West Side. We get to shop for fresh and natural meats and produce, while supporting local farmers! Below you’ll find a list of Upper West Side farmers markets, as well as a spotlight on some of the local producers you’ll run into! We also have some great street fairs on the Upper West Side coming this spring!

79th Street Greenmarket

Located on the east side of Columbus Avenue, between 78th & 81st Streets.
Open on Sundays from 9am to 5pm all year.

Expect selections of proteins including grass fed beef, duck, chicken, ostrich and fresh fish.

Lots of baked goods and farm fresh seasonal produce.

Learn more about the 79th Street Greenmarket here.

Markets on the Upper West Side

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97th Street Greenmarket

Located between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.

Open on Fridays from 8am to 2pm all year.

The 97th Street Greenmarket has been running for over 25 years.

Expect to find lots of produce from southern New Jersey, Orange County, NY, and the Hudson Valley available, as well as eggs, grass-fed meat, fish, cheese, and more.

Learn more about the 97th Street Greenmarket here.

Markets on the Upper West Side


Columbia Greenmarket

Located between 114th and 116th Streets on Broadway.

Open on Thursdays and Sundays from 8am to 5pm all year.

While several of the farmers attend on both Thursday and Sunday, each day has its own distinct character.

Thursdays market thrives on the bustle of the work and school day schedule, while Sundays are more laid back and neighbors come out to do serious shopping.

Shoppers will find milk and yogurt, fruit, cider, baked goods, preserved fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, smoked meats, pickled vegetables, maple syrup, honey, fish, and focaccia topped with locally sourced fruit, vegetables, herbs and cheeses.

Learn more about the Columbia Greenmarket here.

Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side

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Tucker Square Greenmarket

Located on 66th and Broadway.

Open on Thursdays and Saturdays from 8am to 5pm all year.

The Tucker Square Greenmarket offers locally grown seasonal vegetables including corn, greens, squash blossoms eggplant and over 80 varieties of apples. Knowledgeable growers are at market to explain just how to care for their plants, flowers, and herb pots indoors and out.

You’ll also have the opportunity to shop for delicious cheeses, seafood, grass fed beef, duck and duck charcuterie, eggs, artisanal baked goods, and New York’s only producer of both sorghum and maple syrup.

Learn more about the Tucker Square Greenmarket here.

Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side

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A look at some of the farmers and producers from New York.

Wood Homestead 

Makers of maple syrup, sorghum syrup, chicken and vegetables from Schoharie County, NY

Farmers Markets Upper West Side

Hawthorne Valley Farm

A 900-acre Biodynamic® farm in Ghent, NY growing 14 acres of vegetables for a 300 member CSA + dairy herd, organic bakery, creamery and fermentation cellar.

Farmers Markets Upper West Side 

Meredith’s Bakery 

Handmade and preservative-free baked goods and jams from Kingston, NY.

Farmers Markets Upper West Side 

Samascott Orchards 

Apples, cherries, strawberries, peaches and cider from Kinderhook, NY.

Farmers Markets Upper West Side

Las Delicias Patisserie 

Baked goods from NYC.

Farmers Markets UWS

Locust Grove Farms 

One of Greenmarket`s founding farmers in 1976. They grow orchard fruit, berries, grapes and squash. They also produce cider and baked goods. From Milton, NY.

Farmers Markets UWS

Nature’s Way Farm 

They produce and sell honey and bee pollen products and come from Lowman, NY.

Green Market Upper West Side

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy 

Milk, yogurt, butter and ice cream from Ancramdale, NY.

Green Market Upper West Side

She Wolf Bakery 

Fresh baked breads from Brooklyn.

Green Market Upper West Side

Sun Fed Beef 

Grass fed and grain finished Angus beef from Madison County, NY.

79th Street Greenmarket

Body and Soul

Vegan Baked pastries, muffins and assorted breads from Brooklyn.

Columbia Greenmarket

Breezy Hill Orchards, Seton Farm Inc

Hard cider from the Hudson Valley.

Tucker Square Greenmarket

Hot Bread Kitchen

Multi-ethnic artisan breads from Manhattan.

79th Street Green Market

Orange County Distillery

Farm-distillery produced whiskey, gin, vodka, and other spirits from Orange County, NY.

79th Street Green Market

Grand Bazaar

Located at 100 West 77th Street (on Columbus Ave, between 76th and 77th).

Open Sundays, year-round from 10am to 5:30pm.

The Grand Bazaar is the largest curated weekly market in NYC. It features over 100 merchants, who selling everything from antiques to fresh artisanal foods.

Grand Bazaar NYC also gives all of its profits to local public schools. Beyond this, it helps NYC entrepreneurs showcase their goods (which are usually of higher quality than what you’ll find at chain stores).

There are tons of different events at Grand Bazaar NYC – all of which support these great causes.

grand bazaar nyc


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