Orangetheory Open on Upper West Side

Orangetheory Fitness has just opened at 120 West 72nd Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. The national fitness chain offers 60-minute workouts which are split into intervals of cardio and strength training. Heart rate monitors are used to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn.


From their website:

Orangetheory Fitness combines three aspects into one workout: science, coaching, and technology. One can’t work without the other: this trifecta is essential for our workout, and essential for you.

More science, more technology, more coaching. More life.

Orangetheory’s hour-long HIIT classes involve a little bit of everything: cardio, rowing machines, weight training and floor exercises.

They have workouts for people at all levels, and each one is personalized based on your current abilities. Their goal is to make everyone feel like they’ve achieved success.

They are currently offering free trials, and they have several individual and corporate membership plans (though I don’t see pricing on their website).

Here’s their website and Facebook page.

Orange Theory Upper West Side

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