Participatory Budget Vote Winners Announced – Plus, More Pickleball

District 6 residents recently got the chance to vote on a variety of proposals on the Participatory Budgeting ballot, all competing to secure part of the city’s $1 million allocation to the neighborhood.

Councilmember Gale Brewer has just announced the five winners, which will receive funding beginning in July:


  • Security cameras for the Columbus Avenue and Broadway corridors, and other locations determined by the 20th and 24th precincts. ($250,000)
  • New trees and tree guards on Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. ($50,000)
  • Air conditioning/HVAC installation at Richard Rodgers School of Arts & Technology (PS166), 123 W. 89th St. ($250,000)
  • Upgrade electrical wiring at Center School (MS243), 100 West 84th St. ($150,000)
  • New outdoor adult fitness equipment for Riverside Park. ($250,000)

Brewer, in a recent email, also says five new pickleball courts are expected to open at West 110th Street in Riverside Park by the end of June (though this item wasn’t actually on the ballot). We’ll be following up on this once we have more info.

If you’re still scratching your head about the fastest-growing sport in America, here’s a video.


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