New Pizza Place, Peperino, Opens in Lincoln Square

  Last modified on October 8th, 2021

A new Upper West Side pizza place called Peperino recently opened at 21 West End Avenue, between 60th and 61st Streets. Launched by native New Yorkers, Peperino intends to be a “mom and pop” establishment, keeping it simple with fresh ingredients.

Peperino has some interesting and yummy sounding square pizzas:

  • Bacon salsa house special: made with grandma’s amatriciana sauce, ricotta, kasseri cheese
  • Upside down Sicilian – with marinara, mozzarella and pecorino romano
  • Gabagool – square pie with hot Italian sausage, hot capicola ham, pepperoni, vinegar peppers and fresh mozzarella (only available by the pie)
  • Sfincione – square pie with pizza sauce, caramelized onions, seasoned bread crumbs and grated pecorino romano (only available by the pie)
  • Buffalo soldier (not square) – with chicken breast tossed in Frank’s Red Hot, mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta and pickled celery.

Will these compare to the delicious square slices from Mama’s TOO?  Only time will tell!


Peperino also serves small plates including meatballs and fried mozzarella bites.

They offer several salads, a meatball and chicken parm sub, and a “Popeye The Sausage Man” sandwich, made with sweet Italian sausage, sauteed spinach and aged provoline on a ciabatta.

And you’ll find two desserts on their menu: fried pizza dough with powdered sugar and “affogato” – espresso with vanilla ice cream.

They also offer beer, wine and coffee.

Peperino is open Monday-Saturday from 11am to 9pm (they’re closed on Sunday).

Here are some early Yelp reviews and Google reviews.

And here’s their website.


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