Pet Ducks Rescued From Central Park

After being abandoned by their owner, two pet ducks were rescued from the Pond in Central Park, located near East 59th Street, on Wednesday.

Park rangers went out on kayaks to rescue them, but unfortunately, a third duck had already died by the time they arrived.

The two surviving ducks were taken to the Upper West Side’s Wild Bird Fund, where the ducks will be cared for until they find them a permanent home.

While many ducks live in the pond, the Wild Bird Fund states that leaving domesticated ducks in the pond is never a good idea, as they don’t know how to survive in the wild, and anyone who sees it happening should call them out.

“If anyone witnesses another duck dumping here, please tell this person that these ducks can’t survive in the wild. They will and have died here. If they are counting on a rescue, they should know that they are straining the resources of organizations already stretched very thin,” Wild Bird Fund Center tweeted.

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