After Torturing Residents with Oppressive Construction for Years, Owners of 69th Street Mansion List Finished Property for $85 Million

The construction site at 48-50 West 69th Street in July 2022 (Google Maps)

A wealthy couple whose construction project on West 69th Street had for years enraged local residents have listed the now-completed property – which they were expected to actually live in – for $85 million.


Business exec Pierre Bastid and jazz singer Malou Beauvoir bought two townhouses – 48 and 50 West 69th Street, between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue – back in 2011 and 2012 for a combined $24.5 million. They had the properties demolished in 2018 and soon after that, complaints of dust and debris, excess noise, increased traffic, fumes and dead plants began accumulating. Some people actually moved.

48-50 west 69th street for sale

The construction site at 48-50 West 69th Street in July 2022 (Google Maps)

The real estate project starting getting major attention when the New York Times published an April 2019 story about the giant underground pool they were building. The listing, via Compass, does mention a “55-foot indoor lap pool” as one of the amenities within the almost 20,000 square foot, 25-room mansion.

“I live 2 house[s] away from this and I wake every morning to this horrendous noise besides the shaking of my building and the fumes that make it harder for me to breathe!” one reader wrote when we shared the story on Facebook at the time.


More than two years later, with the quality of life still massively impacted by the growing structure, fed up block residents shared their frustrations in writing on scattered printouts plastered to the construction site’s scaffolding.

Photo: Bobby Panza

One of our readers added at the time:

This building site is a MAJOR disruption. I live on the north side of 68th and there is literally construction noise all day – oftentimes on the weekend as well. Even now, years later, you would think the place would be completed, but it is not even close. The basement foundation has barely been finished and there is no meaningful amount of work done. We are in for more torture over the coming years…all for these two idiots who are, frankly, not welcome.

Welcoming the wealthy couple is one thing the UWS won’t have to worry about.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which was first to report the news, “Bastid said he had planned to make the house his primary residence, but that ‘world and personal events’ have shifted his attention to Europe.” A source also told the outlet that their decision to sell is connected to their recent divorce. The listing agent, Jim St. André, declined to comment on the decision.


If the $85 million asking price is achieved, it will be one of the most expensive townhouses ever sold in NYC, according to the WSJ. The record was set on the Upper East Side in 2018 with the $90 million sale of the Wildenstein mansion (19 East 64th Street).

Some features of the more than 41′ wide mansion with 25 rooms include a “limestone floating staircase” connecting all eight levels; 24′ living room ceilings; an “indoor/outdoor health and wellness space” which comes with the pool along with a “jacuzzi, fitness center and yoga space”; and a full-floor, 2,000 square foot primary suite.

The monthly tax bill is $15,509.


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