Update: Wild Bird Fund Announces Passing of Pigeon Found With Feathers Dyed Pink

The Wild Bird Fund announced the pigeon’s passing on Tuesday.

Original story, published on Feb. 1:

Animal rights groups (and, well, anyone else with common sense) are appropriately outraged after the discovery of a bright pink pigeon on Monday in Madison Square Park.

Identified as a domestic king pigeon, the bird — said to be in poor condition at the time — was promptly hauled up to the Wild Bird Fund at 565 Columbus Avenue and 87th Street. Due to its species (which is bred for a safe life in captivity or consumption), the assumption is that the pigeon was purchased from a poultry market.


The nonprofit rescue service, New York City’s only wildlife rehabilitation and education center, took to Twitter to share the startling discovery alongside a photo of the little guy (who they’ve now dubbed Flamingo).

Fair enough, right?

While the reason for the unnatural blush tone is technically unconfirmed, the Wild Bird Fund speculates a gender reveal party (when expectant couples find out the sex of their upcoming newborn, often through elaborate measures) was to blame.

Considering this controversial tradition has helped fuel California wildfires, explosions and many other unfortunate situations, this avian incident certainly isn’t a big jump.

“I don’t think we’ve ever really had a pink pigeon come into the clinic, so we were all pretty surprised,” Antonio Sanchez of the Wild Bird Fund told ABC. “We were honestly disgusted that someone would do this.”


Needless to say, they are not alone. Until Flamingo is healthier, the bird will be under care on the Upper West Side — and will then be transferred to a king pigeon sanctuary. In the meantime, maybe people should stick to cutting a blue or pink cake and leaving the wildlife alone. Just a thought.


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