Signage Up at Pizza Collective, Opening at 2060 Broadway

  Last modified on October 8th, 2021

Signage is now up at Pizza Collective, which will be opening at 2060 Broadway, just south of 71st Street, in the space which was formerly occupied by Pinkyotto. The new pizza place will be located right next door to the recently opened Cafe Metro (which I would definitely recommend as a viable new lunch spot; their pasta bar is great). It’s a little disorganized, but so is every lunch place I’ve ever been to …

Pizza Collective Now Open

We first heard about Pizza Collective through a tip from our reader who goes by ‘Upper West Sider’. Then one of our contributors, Sara Lewin Lebwohl, just informed me they’ve made some progress.

Pizza Collective does have a website … but with very limited information at this point. You can sign up to get email updates from them (or you can wait until we provide an update). They also have an Instagram account … but yeah. Very little.

The signage is interesting, and there’s definitely someone with a strong marketing mind working with them. As I would really like to know more …

But one other piece of info our original tipster provided is that the owner is Gabriele Voci, who is the head chef at Sola Pasta Bar downtown (and is also a relative of Chef Massimo Sola).

The retail space was leased by Winick Realty Group, who also leased the space to Cafe Metro.

We’ll provide an update once we have more info!

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