A Tribute to Small Business

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In an era when chain stores are becoming the norm, supporting Upper West Side small business has become more important than ever before. Many independent local stores on the Upper West Side are run by families who have been around for generations. They’re part of the community and what makes this neighborhood so family-friendly. Read below to find out what are some of the oldest small businesses that are still thriving today.

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A Big Win for Small Business

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If you live on the Upper West Side, chances are you’ve already been to Beacon Paint & Hardware. Although people know Beacon Paint for their wide selection of plumbing and electrical supplies, lighting, air conditioning, fans, heaters, tools and paint color-matching services, people love them for their A+ customer service. Beacon Paint treats their customers as neighbors, not numbers, and that’s why this family-run small business has been winning ever since it opened its doors.

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