Prince’s Top UWS Spots

  Last modified on November 27th, 2019

Prince, my 5 year old Australian Labradoodle, has done some amazing things in his life. He had a lavish wedding on the rooftop of the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, hosted a star studded birthday at the Alamo Draft House in Brooklyn, has been featured and photographed by National Geographic, and he has even graced the Jumbotron at Citi Field.

Needless to say, Prince has lead a pretty fabulous life and has pretty high expectations. That’s why when we sat down to list out Prince’s top UWS spots, we can assure you that theses places are fit for royalty!

Prince NYC Dog

photo credit: Sara Lewin Lebwohl

Jumbotron Citi Field

photo credit: Sara Lewin Lebwohl

Prince’s hair care routine is more involved than any human I know.

We entrust this massive task to A Cut Above Grooming Salon. We take Prince to the 69th street location, but they have a few salons. The owner Ming said, “We started out as a single grooming salon on 75th street, right behind Beacon theater. We built our business based on word of mouth. People in the neighborhood started to see the quality work we do and referred their friends. Veterinarians in the community started sending us clients. Now on the UWS we have two salons.”


What we love most about A Cut Above is that they do not cage the dogs while they are waiting. Prince loves to hang out in between his bath and his trim. One of his groomers, Brittany, who has been with A Cut Above for 4 years, said, “My favorite thing is the dogs. If you love your dog, this is the place to be.”

A Cut Above

photo credit: Rachel Wasserman

Looking fluffy and fabulous, it’s time for a quick stop at Starbucks on Broadway between 70th and 71st Streets. Prince and his sister Halle, love to go in together for treats. While this does not seem like the obvious dog friendly choice, our local Starbucks recognizes Prince and usually has his puppucino waiting for him. Even if you don’t bring your dog into the store, you can always bring one home and I’m sure your dog will give you some extra love.

Starbucks Upper West Side

photo credit: Rachel Wasserman

Our next stop is Riverside Park.

Prince always enters at the 72nd Street entrance by the Eleanor Roosevelt memorial. When Prince is being walked without his little sister, he heads straight to the dog park. There are two sections of the dog park, one for larger dogs, and one for smaller dogs. Prince is a medium size dog, weighing in at about 30 pounds. He used to go to the large dog section, but some of the other dogs weren’t sure if he was really another dog, but instead some other type of furry creature. To avoid any confusion, he has moved over to the small dog park. He’s happy there. On days that Halle is with him, he heads down the walking path. He enjoys meeting and greeting his adoring public along the way.

Riverside Park Dog

photo credit: Sara Lewin Lebwohl

After a long walk in the park, Prince always goes to beloved The Pet Market on 72nd Street.

When I say Prince is a regular customer, I mean he stops by every single day. The staff are so welcoming and always give him a royal welcome. The Pet Market offers free samples to any dogs coming in to visit. Bianca, who has been working at The Pet Market for two years is someone Prince loves to see. She always calls him by name and has a stash of treats waiting for him.


When asked how she feels about seeing Prince, she said, “We love him very much. We love all his tricks, like when he jumps up with two paws ready to high-five to get treats. He’s really good at it.” She also said that she enjoys seeing all her regular customers, especially the dogs. We buy all of Prince’s food, treats, and toys at The Pet Market. If you ever need a recommendation for something new, the staff are very helpful and can even send you home with samples to try.

Pet Market Upper West Side

photo credit: Rachel Wasserman

Just a few doors down from The Pet Market is the brand new Mutt Hutt, a place for your dog to play and stay.

Mutt Hutt is owned by the same owner as A Cut Above, so it’s no wonder this place is on point. When you walk in to Mutt Hutt it feels like somewhere you want to hang out. The décor is chic and your dog will play in style. Prince is such a fan he plans to have his upcoming birthday party here. Mutt Hutt is different than other over night boarding because they have a human bed in the room to sleep with the dogs. Also, the dogs never go in cages during the day or night. The dogs are free to play and enjoy as if they were at home.

Mutt Hutt 72nd Street

photo credit: Rachel Wasserman

After a long day of grooming, walking, shopping, and playing, it’s time for another treat.

Prince loves to walk up Columbus Ave and arrive at Shake Shack. Shake Shack offers a dog friendly treat called the Pooch-ini. This vanilla custard, ShackBurger dog biscuits, and peanut butter treat is as messy and as it is satisfying. Pro tip: Let your dog eat this treat outside. Preferably on the benches right across the street from Shake Shack in front of the American Museum of Natural History. That’s Prince favorite spot in the city to hang out. Also, if you check out their website you can order dog toys in the shape of your favorite Shake Shack meal. How sweet is that?

Shake Shack Upper West Side

Photo Credit: Chantal Adair @thedogstyler

More dog friendly bars and restaurants on the Upper West Side.

One more important shout out goes to Prince’s Vet, Dr. Christopher Angiello at Hudson Animal Hospital. Prince has received excellent care from Dr. Angiello and his team over the years. We highly recommend them. Prince would like everyone to know that they also have an assortment of free treats at the front desk.

Hudson Animal Hospital

photo credit: Sara Lewin Lebwohl

Check out Prince’s fun day at Longport Dog Beach in New Jersey!

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