The Ansonia: A Pictorial History of Manhattan’s Beaux-Arts Masterpiece

The very first book ever written about this iconic landmark, replete with vintage images and transcribed newspaper articles. THE ANSONIA: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF MANHATTAN’S BEAUX-ARTS MASTERPIECE is the most comprehensive collection of over over 100 full-color, sepia, black and white and colorized photos, paintings, postcards, drawings and vintage images ever gathered to document the colorful history and development of one of Manhattan’s most beautiful residential buildings.

Most of the 140+ images that appear in the book have never before been published before. Informative text provides readers with an understanding and appreciation for the accompany images, and major events, of the amazing history of one of Manhattan’s most beloved landmarks. Potential readers should be assured that we purposely design our books to be reminiscent of vintage publications. They are designed to look like someone found them at the bottom of a stack of books, in a dusty old antique shop. Rather than being beautiful, the publishers chose to do something a lot more interesting and creative.

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