QUIZ: The 1980s Vs. Today

  Last modified on November 15th, 2023

“Those Were The Days” on the UWS…

Some people count sheep when they can’t sleep but as an Upper West Sider, when I can’t sleep, I  try to think back to all the places of business which used to serve our neighborhood.

As I was going through some files, I found some photos that my sister took when she visited me in the 1980s, and I thought it might be fun to offer readers of iLovetheUpperWestside a little brain teaser.

I’ll post photos from that time period with a clue, and then you can guess what’s now in that location.

Here we go!

1. What store is at the location where this market used to be? Hint: it’s on Columbus Avenue.

Upper West Side 1980s

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Joe and the Juice (247 Columbus Avenue)


2. There was a very small Ben & Jerry’s north of the market in the first image, and directly north of the Ben & Jerry’s was a restaurant called Diane’s. What place is at the former Diane’s? Hint: Café Ronda was once there too!

Ben & Jerry's 1980's NYC

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Ella (249 Columbus Avenue)

3. Betsey Johnson had a shop in our ‘hood but what’s there now? Hint: it’s a place that sells eye glasses.

Betsey Johnson UWS Store

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Anne & Valentin (248 Columbus Avenue)

4. “All My Children” was taped in this former television studio. What’s there now? Hint: it’s non-commercial.

All My Children ABC NYC

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Millenium Tower at 101 West 67th Street, a high-rise condo.


5. The Regency movie theatre was loved by many – but what replaced it? Hint: it’s now part of a very commercial entity.

Regency Upper West Side

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In November of 1998, the Brandt Organization, which owned the property that housed the Regency Theatre and its other tenants, including an Italian restaurant of long standing, announced their plans to clear the property. Many expected a mixed residential/retail property of some 20 floors to occupy the site. Instead, a single-floor Victoria’s Secret was built, but today it is an Apple store.

6. One of the Shakespeare and Company book stores began its first major decline which they blamed on a rival book store moving within very close proximity of them. What is located at Shakespeare & Company’s former space? Hint: the competitor they blamed was Barnes & Noble.

Old Shakespeare & Co

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The Robert A.M. Stern condo at 250 West 81st Street.

7. Café La Fortuna was located on this block. What store operates here today? Hint: it’s a grooming facility.

Cafe La Fortuna

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Dry Bar (69 West 71st)

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