Rare Snowy Owl Appears in Central Park

On Wednesday morning, a snowy owl was spotted in Central Park’s North Meadow, a 23 acre area located between 97th and 102nd Streets. According to Manhattan Bird Alert, which first alerted the public about the sighting, this is not normal!

The birding account followed up to clarify that owls and crows are not in fact buddies.


According to Good Morning Gloucester, these two birds “are natural enemies because a murder of crows may mob an owl to death (or any raptor by which it feels threatened) and owls occasionally eat crows.” The article continues to state that crows eat during the day, and while most owl species feed at night, the snowy owl eats both at night and during daylight. So “their paths may occasionally cross.”

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Nevertheless, the owl didn’t seem too concerned about the crows.

By Wednesday afternoon, word had spread and a crowd of bird fans and photographers had formed.

While this may have been the snowy owl’s first visit to Central Park, they have been spotted around the city. A 2015 report by Audobon.org states that sightings have been known to take place in locations including Breezy Point and the Rockaways.

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