Readers Comment: 1020 Bar, Levain’s Lines, Edgar’s Owner

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In response to Scathing Report of Abusive Upper West Side Bar Owner, B wrote:

As a bar/restaurant owner on the upper west side, I’m appalled yet not surprised by this article. Unfortunately, i have been hearing these rumors of exploitation(amongst many other things) for years and I am guilty myself of not speaking up for the better of my community. This isn’t about cancel culture, its about a series of abuses at one particular establishment. Given most of their clientele is largely underage college and even high school students, they should have been shut down years ago. This place has been a long-standing disgrace to the neighborhood and I can’t imagine anyone feeling any loss if they shutter.

More importantly, we must acknowledge sexual exploitation has plagued our industry since it inception. Its a difficult problem to manage, given the social aspect of the job, but not impossible. Thats why more then most workplaces, there needs to be more of a focus on sexual harassment and inappropriate actions.
We have a zero tolerance policy, no matter gender, age, color or sexual orientation. No employee should ever feel they need to weigh their job against any unwanted advances, or discriminatory behavior. The best way to get the best work from an employee is to give them the tools and support to be their best. Its amazing how hard people will work for you when they have your respect rather then fear. May cost you some staff, and even some regular customers, but as the boss you control the narrative in your establishment. Furthermore, As leaders of our community , we have to set the standard instead of pointing fingers. We don’t need to cancel the culture; just change it.

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In response to Head Scratch Fever: Curtis Sliwa Brings Cat to Vote, then Jams Machine, Cyrus wrote:

So who did the cat vote for?

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In response to Levain Prepares to Reopen Original Location, Jay wrote:

Will the store make sure the line of a hundred people doesn’t block the entire north sidewalk on West 74th street?

For years, for at least 4 days a week, the shop failed to make an effort to be a good neighbor to those who reside on, or just walk down, that bit of West 74th street.
If there are big lines, and the shop can’t keep the people waiting in a single line eastward on West 74th, then they should probably not reopen.
I say this as someone who knows the original owners by sight, and as someone who started shopping there 1995. Albeit, their chocolate chip cookies aren’t my favorite. I can/do make better, and there are bakery made ones that I prefer.

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In response to Bakery Bully or Misunderstood Owner?, Gina wrote:

Love Edgar’s! The salads, the desserts! So good. Been going for years, including the old location. As far as the owner goes he’s always been friendly toward me and my dinner companions. Have I seen him less hospitable? Yes, with annoying entitled to do whatever they want people. It’s fair to say he doesn’t suffer fools kindly.

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In response to Alice’s Tea Cup Owners Consider Selling, Jean wrote:

This is sad. I will say though— earlier hours for a weekday morning scone would get them a lot more business! I don’t understand why there are no good bakeries/tea/coffee in the area that will do a 7am or even 8am opening. There are too many places open at 9am+ and even then not on time, missing out on early birds and weekday 9-6 workers.

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And in response to our Instagram post showing Tony Danza singing at Manny’s Bistro

@amanda4everr wrote: “Hold me closer tony danza …”


@mel0_gel0 wrote: “It’s a Tony Danza Bonanza!!!”

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