Haunted Buildings of the Upper West Side

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Who knew there were haunted buildings of the Upper West Side!?

A neighborhood with history offers a rich culture and a startlingly accurate glimpse into the past. The Upper West Side is one of such neighborhoods. There are hundreds of buildings that are historic and of architectural significance. However, some of these buildings hold quite the dark past. Stories of ghosts roaming around hallways and spirits lurking in basements have captured the minds of New Yorkers for decades. Continue reading below to discover which are the spookiest buildings of the Upper West Side … only if you dare.

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Past Famous New Yorkers on the Upper West Side

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Many famous New Yorkers of yesteryear lived on the Upper West Side. And many of them lived in the same buildings!

The list of past famous people on the Upper West Side is long. But I’ve selected the historical Upper West Siders I find most interesting, and I hope you do too.

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The Grand Gems of the UWS

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When we mean “grand,” we mean grand, like in “magnificent,” “opulent,” and “architecturally riveting.” And we have plenty of them on the Upper West Side. In fact, there’s quite a collection of apartment houses with some of the most ornate exteriors that just walking the UWS neighborhood is such a pleasurable and inexpensive activity. It’s because of these buildings, their architectural brilliance, quirky details, and over the top opulence, that the UWS has earned its reputation as a unique and eternally interesting neighborhood.

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Selecting Your NYC Real Estate Attorney

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This is the biggest transaction of your life – the purchase or sale of your home — whether it be condo, townhouse, co-op, whatever.  You may be feeling a combination of anxiety and excitement at the prospect.  You’ve finally found your dream home, or sold your existing home to downsize, relocate or retire to a distant island.  The purchase offers have been made, details about what’s included in the sale, be it the washer and dryer, or ceiling fans, have been figured out; inspections are completed.  It’s time to “go to contract.”

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Upper West Side Real Estate Agents – Why You Need a Specialist

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For your next move:  Find Upper West Side real estate agents who specialize in the neighborhood.

My quest is to help my clients, but also to inform and educate.  And, for this blog, I want to address the issue of choosing your next Upper West Side real estate agent.  Plan to do your homework, get a few names from friends, sure, but also consider visiting a few of them before signing any kind of exclusive contract.   Here’s why.

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Upper West Side Condos – Millennium Tower

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I’ve been selling Upper West Side condos for years and have loved every second of it, even though lately prices have gotten to the point where ‘pricey’ doesn’t  seem to adequately explain them. A two bedroom apartment, which is a necessity for any couple that has at least one child, would be considered ‘reasonable’ up to the $6,500/month range (and unaffordable in 99.9% of the country), but the most expensive apartments, in the most exclusive buildings, have an average per square foot closing price of $4,500….per square foot!

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