NYC Streets: 86th between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue

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This is a stately street, with majestic buildings on the north and south side and straddling the corners of West End Avenue and Riverside Drive.

Continue to see some of the sweetest buildings on this NYC street!

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Prettiest NYC Streets: 81st between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

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Unquestionably one of the prettiest NYC Streets, this majestic block is across the street from the Museum of Natural History and Theodore Roosevelt Park. It is also right across the street to a Central Park entrance.  A thoroughfare with the m79 bus stop on both sides of the street, in addition to the B/C subway, it is super convenient as well as luxurious.

To live on 81st between Central Park West and Columbus would be a privilege to say the least.

Read on to see some of the most noteworthy and beautiful buildings on this NYC street!

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Past Famous New Yorkers on the Upper West Side

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Many famous New Yorkers of yesteryear lived on the Upper West Side. And many of them lived in the same buildings!

The list of past famous people on the Upper West Side is long. But I’ve selected the historical Upper West Siders I find most interesting, and I hope you do too.

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The Grand Gems of the UWS

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When we mean “grand,” we mean grand, like in “magnificent,” “opulent,” and “architecturally riveting.” And we have plenty of them on the Upper West Side. In fact, there’s quite a collection of apartment houses with some of the most ornate exteriors that just walking the UWS neighborhood is such a pleasurable and inexpensive activity. It’s because of these buildings, their architectural brilliance, quirky details, and over the top opulence, that the UWS has earned its reputation as a unique and eternally interesting neighborhood.

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Riverside Drive

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Riverside Drive is New York City’s most scenic street. As one of the Upper West Side’s main roads, it parallels the West Side Highway and offers panoramic views to the Hudson River. From brownstones to limestone townhouses and beaux arts pre-war buildings, the street is rich in both its architecture and history. Read below to discover what makes this NYC landmark a must-see for both locals and visitors alike!

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Selecting Your NYC Real Estate Attorney

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This is the biggest transaction of your life – the purchase or sale of your home — whether it be condo, townhouse, co-op, whatever.  You may be feeling a combination of anxiety and excitement at the prospect.  You’ve finally found your dream home, or sold your existing home to downsize, relocate or retire to a distant island.  The purchase offers have been made, details about what’s included in the sale, be it the washer and dryer, or ceiling fans, have been figured out; inspections are completed.  It’s time to “go to contract.”

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