Restaurant Group CEO Arrested Outside Atlantic Grill

  Last modified on January 31st, 2022
atlantic grill owner arrested

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On Saturday, January 8 at 8:50pm, Alexandru Teisanu was arrested outside Atlantic Grill at 50 West 65th Street between Columbus and Central Park West. Teisanu is the CEO of the Monte Carlo Hospitality Group, the company which now owns Atlantic Grill.

The NYPD confirmed the arrest with ILTUWS on Sunday morning. Teisanu is being charged with ‘Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument.’ The charge comes from his alleged use of a fake parking placard, which gives off the impression that one is allowed to park just about anywhere.


There are three degrees that can be charged for this offense: the third degree (170.20), a Class A misdemeanor punishable by as much as one year in jail; the second degree (170.25), a Class D felony carrying as many as seven years in state prison; and the first degree (170.30), which could be punishable to up to 15 years behind bars.

On Sunday at 12:35pm, ILTUWS spoke to Teisanu who declined to comment on his arrest. Multiple emails to the Monte Carlo Restaurant Group have gone unanswered as well.

Chris Giordano, President of the West 64th – West 67th Street Block Association, issued this statement “from the community” in regards to Teisanu’s arrest:

“Folks who live and work on 65th Street know how quickly dangerous conditions can develop when illegal parking causes others to double park. That a restaurant manager using a fake placard would knowingly contribute to these conditions is upsetting. The neighborhood appreciates the 20th Precinct and its Neighborhood Coordination Officers for its efforts to make our streets safe.”


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Giordano first wrote to ILTUWS in December, expressing frustration about the influx of illegal parking that was taking place on this street.

When it felt like calls to 311 were going unanswered, Giordano and other members of the community took the fake parking placard issue to the 20th Precinct. In December, the photo below was taken of a Mercedes with license plate AMG 53, which appears to belong to Teisanu.

atlantic grill arrest

Giordano spoke with officer Steven Rodrigues from the 20th Precinct NCO program who confirmed the placard was fake. Officer Rodrigues also pointed out that whoever created the placard misspelled the word “alteration.”

alteration mispelled

According to Giordano, when Officer Rodrigues called the phone number on the Teisanu’s placard, he was hung up on.


One factor which may contribute to an increase in illegal parking is that the part of the north side of 65th Street is blocked off for an Extell Development construction site.

In addition, Academics West has school buses and parents dropping kids off during the day – and there’s an MTA bus stop on the South side of the street. West 65th Street is also highly trafficked since it runs through Central Park, connecting to the East Side.

But there’s also a parking garage. So nobody is forced to park illegally.

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