Revel Returns to NYC

Following the second death of an NYC Revel rider, the moped-sharing company announced it would shut down NYC operations in late July. On Thursday, August 27, Revel returned to the city, announcing a number of new safety precautions it would be taking.

Revel Tweeted that users will “have to complete our in-app safety training, designed to sharpen your skills and your knowledge of the rules of the road. You’ll also have to take a Helmet Selfie before each ride (and one of your passenger, if you have one) and upload it in the app for us to check.”


Revel’s website states that the company is focused on three goals: “encouraging responsible riding, contributing to safer streets, and making you feel more confident every time you get on a moped.”

The company has rolled out additional safety features including automatic alerts to “detect when a rider enters a park, travels the wrong way down a one-way street, or crosses a prohibited bridge or tunnel,” and a community reporting system (which non-Revel users can use to report reckless Revel riders).

Revel has also expanded its Violation and Suspension Policy.


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