Robofun – 20 Years of STE(A)M Innovation

Robofun – 20 Years of STE(A)M Innovation

Looking for fun and exciting STE(A)M activities for your child this fall? Look no further! Robofun is the place to be! For the past 20 years, Robofun has been a leader at the forefront of STE(A)M education, offering Coding, Robotics, and Stop Motion Animation classes to kids in grades pre k – 6. This year, in addition to all of our tried and true favorites, we are featuring a new Circuits & Making curriculum, specially designed to bring out the inventive and creative side in all kids. What sets Robofun apart from all other STE(A)M activities and courses? Read on to find out!

STE(A)M courses and activities are all the buzz lately. They incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math into daily lessons and work to build children’s critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills. Robofun has a long history promoting and propelling the STE(A)M movement. We believe children should have the freedom to be artists, builders, designers, and creators. For nearly 20 years, these elements have been the foundation for all of our curriculums.


What exactly does STE(A)M look like at Robofun?


Our courses are designed with Science and Technology in mind. Each class is linked to a specific topic such as space or simple machines. Children learn mini-lessons around these topics to engage with and better understand how their projects relate to daily life. Afterward, children work with Robofun blueprints to build, code, or create their projects.

Engineering and Mathematics are utilized through discussion topics with instructors or troubleshooting to complete a mission. The children shown below worked to design their own collectible robots. They design their own grabber attachments and worked with peers to understand and calculate the math behind movements in order to program their robots.

Art is also a key focus of Robofun classes. Children are always encouraged to customize their creations, make their own unique backdrops or sprites while coding, and draw personalized designs on LED cards or bracelets. For parent presentations, children design their own backdrops, stories, and props to go along with projects they have created and missions they have completed.


Robofun’s STE(A)M centered courses are currently enrolling students for Fall classes. We have options for After-School, Weekend Mini-Series, and One-Day Workshops. Stop by and see all the buzz is about! Visit or call 212.245.0444 to register.


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Amber Kennedy

Amber Kennedy

Amber is the Onsite Program Manager at Robofun - Vision, Education & Media. Her background as a Middle School Teacher and Director of Extended Day Programming, coupled with her passion to give all children innovative and enriching educational experiences is what led her to Robofun. She works daily to create unique and exciting edtech programs for children in grades K-6.
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