Rocket Club: Award-Winning, Career-Discovery Kids Program Opens New Enrollment

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Did you have an after-school program that opened your eyes to the industries, careers, and hobbies that were shaping your future? 

Enter Rocket Club Academy — an after school program on the Upper West Side for children ages 7 to 14 who are eager to venture beyond the confines of traditional education. Located at 157 Columbus Avenue at 67th Street, Rocket Club Academy is a place where every month children dive headfirst into a new industry that is shaping our world such as: Coding & Robotics, 3D Printing, The Music Industry, Cryptocurrency & The Blockchain, Climate Science, Neuroscience, Architecture, Marine Biology, Biotechnology, The Metaverse, and so much more. 

“Thank you so much for including Grant in your incredible program. It really has done so much for him including building his confidence (even inspiring him to start his own business!). He really loves Rocket Club and we rave about it to everyone. It’s such an amazing program!” shares a delighted parent. The program’s testimonial page brims with praise from parents, young members, and even renowned founders.

Rocket Club’s weekly lessons are split into two sections. 

Hour 1: CORE Curriculum: an in-depth exploration of a new industry each month, potential careers in that field, case studies, and tons of fun facts and games. Instructors focus on developing members’ critical thinking skills while engaging in lively discussions around the future of the industry. 

Hour 2: STEM Curriculum: Members work hands-on with the latest cutting-edge technology including robotics, coding, and 3D design and printing.

Membership Details:

  • $650 per month ($585 sibling rate).
  • Month-to-month commitment.
  • Includes weekly, two-hour classes.
  • Tour and application are required prior to registration.
  • Set up a call with Director Morgan McDowell: (Due to limited spots available per age group, Rocket Club is prioritizing people who are referred by current members and parents that submit the code ROCKET).

After earning 24 Series A certifications, members receive a spot on the Hall of Fame wall in all of Rocket Club’s New York City locations and can extend their exploration into Series B certifications, where they engage in college level topics offered by prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and Duke—all accessible through the Rocket Club program.

In addition, members earn special EQ badges each month; focusing on emotional awareness, empathy, and confidence. Rocket Club Academy has several thriving in-person locations across New York City, New Jersey, and Chicago, as well as hosting members virtually from across the globe. 

To set up a call, click here.

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