Rocket Club Math is Giving Free Diagnostics & Donating $10K to NYC Schools

  Last modified on March 1st, 2024

Rocket Club Math, known as the Fun Math Tutoring Program with locations on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, and Tribeca, just launched a new initiative: For every child that comes in and takes a free math diagnostic, Rocket Club Math will donate $100 to their school!

Since starting the campaign, Rocket Club Math has already donated over $5,000 and has the goal to donate $10,000 in total to NYC schools.

“Instead of funneling $10,000 into large digital advertising platforms, we’re investing in the New York City community itself,” says Alex Hodara, Founder of Rocket Club Math. “Not only does it provide financial support to schools, but it also introduces families to our program through free math diagnostics which provide valuable educational insights.”

What might be even more noteworthy is the fact that both kids and parents are absolutely obsessed with Rocket Club, and the company has even been endorsed by business icons like Steve Wozniak (Apple).

Rocket Club Academy Steve Wozniak Apple

Many of Rocket Club’s members (we’re talking 4- to 12-year-olds) have actually gone on to create their own businesses.

“I signed up because my daughter was excited about learning math, which already surprised me,” said a satisfied parent. “I had no idea she was going to start her own business. I’m amazed. This is the future of education.”

Rocket Club Math is effective in its ability to blend real-life math application with fun and play: members play math games, win prizes, and engage in curriculums based on their own personal interests.

Alex Hodara got the idea from his own childhood, when his dad would teach him math through their shared love of fantasy baseball.

“My dad was brilliant in that he was teaching me math with things that I loved,” recalls Alex. “Fantasy baseball taught me spreadsheets, ERAs, batting averages—the foundations for higher math concepts and even budgeting.”

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