Boutique Math Tutoring Center Opening on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on September 11th, 2022

Rocket Club Math, opening on the UWS, is guaranteeing to improve their members’ math scores while making the experience fun, interactive, and engaging.

They are putting their money where their mouth is by offering 1-month free trials to 20 inaugural members for their launch this fall. readers have first access to memberships here!

Below are some of the highlights from the program:

  • A 3 members to 1 instructor ratio with individual 1:1 time with a dedicated instructor.
  • Classes grouped by grade and academic level.
  • Tailored curriculum based on student needs.
  • 2-hour classes on a dedicated day, once per week.
  • Homework help during class.
  • Membership is $550/month (month-to-month contract).
  • Lessons on how math is applied in the real world.
  • Only 20 total inaugural memberships available. (first come basis)

Rocket Club Math is Rocket Club’s second after-school program. Their first program, Rocket Club Academy, has become the go-to Career Discovery Program in NYC, teaching children 7 to 14 years old about topics like robotics, coding, neuroscience, climate science, the metaverse and entrepreneurship.

With supporters like the founders of Apple and Netflix, a feature on “Good Morning America,” and hundreds of members across NYC and the country, the pioneering program has made a splash in the after-school program space.

At Rocket Club Academy, we’ve mastered creating a curriculum and atmosphere for children to learn about advanced topics like artificial intelligence, the stock market, rocket science, or cryptocurrency. We introduce these topics to our members in engaging ways that make them excited to learn more.

Parents have asked us to apply our teaching approach to other subjects, such as math. We hired an expert in math education to help us build a curriculum that can be tailored to any student. Our curriculum strengthens the fundamental creative and cognitive skills students use to succeed in math while introducing new concepts in a fun and engaging way.
Rocket Club Academy members had an exclusive opportunity to test the program, and we have been perfecting Rocket Club Math internally from their feedback. Rocket Club mentors, who are successful entrepreneurs and engineers, recognize the value of being exemplary math students when they were children as they use their math skills to solve real world problems in their careers. Rocket Club Academy is proud to expand our offerings by providing engaging math education to our members.
Kristen Pszonak, Director of Rocket Club Math Upper West Side.

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