A Web Series by Upper West Side Roommates

The comedy web series Roommating captures the story of two roommates, Vivian and Nick, and their complicated dating lives. This includes their feelings towards each other which are uncovered as the show progresses.

This mostly unravels as they pretend to be married in order to attend a marriage counseling study that pays so that Nick can pay the rent. He’s a hand model so, you know, he’s pretty broke. Vivian sees it as a potential opportunity to work through her boy issues as well, and as you can imagine, hilarity mixed with some really touching moments ensue.


The show is inspired by real-life roommates Alexandra Dell, the show’s creator, and Kris Arnold, the actor who plays “Nick” in the series. They’ve lived on the Upper West Side for eleven years, on 71st and West End (please don’t stalk them, weirdos). “We love the Upper West Side and wanted to showcase it in our series since it’s such a big part of our lives,” Dell stated.

They did just that. And as an Upper West Sider myself, they did the neighborhood justice. You can see the classic brownstones in the background throughout the show and there’s a pivotal scene shot in Central Park, near the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

In the season finale, there’s a nice shot at 72nd and Columbus – with a distinct shout out to Dakota Bar and Columbus Gourmet Food. Side note: the cucumber martinis at the Dakota Bar are heavenly.

Roommating has been showcased at a number of film festivals. In May of 2019, it was uploaded on YouTube. You can watch all five episodes for free now here. Hooked after watching season one? Fret not — season two is coming soon! Check out their official website here.

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