Schnitzel + Wurst + Beer : The Perfect UWS Summer

  Last modified on September 12th, 2022

Wunderbar Wurst Bettola

An already established neighborhood favorite has brought something new and exciting to the neighborhood!

Bettola, an Italian restaurant located at 412 Amsterdam Avenue (between 79th and 80th Streets), is now also offering its patrons some hearty, mouthwatering German staples: so let’s give WUNDERBAR WURST @ BETTOLA a big, Upper West Side welcome!

WEISSWURST: Juicy Veal Wurst, Roasted Potatoes, Sauerkraut, Bettola Mustard

Owners Giga – Marianna Leszayova and Chef Vlado Kolenic are both from the former Czechoslovakia, which has a cuisine very similar to Germany’s. Realizing the Upper West Side doesn’t have any German restaurants, they decided to fill the culinary gap with some ridiculously delicious wursts, schnitzels and chops (and some Czech + German beers to wash them down with)!

[ Long-time fans of Bettola can take a deep breath: they’re keeping their pizzas, most popular pastas and other Italian favorites! ]

Jaeger Schnitzel

JAEGER SCHNITZEL: Lightly Breaded HUGE Pork Tenderloin topped with Jaeger Mushrooms Sauce. Roasted Potatoes, Mixed Veggies

Wild Boar Smoked Kielbasa

WILD BOAR KIELBASA: Succulent Wild Pork, Grilled, Served with Sauerkraut, Roasted Potatoes, Bettola Mustard

bettola pork chop

PORK CHOP: Grilled Lightly Smoked Berkshire Pork Chop, Mashed Potatoes, Red Cabbage

Bettola has always been a great place to enjoy live music as well. Nothing’s changing there! Chef Vlado is a legit rockstar with hit records. They also have other bands come perform.

bettola Vlado on piano

This is where Vlado comes to play music … whenever he feels like it.

To learn more – and to see what else is on the grill – visit!

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