Screme Gelato Reopens

As I walk through the city, I find myself wondering when some of my favorite places will open. Aren’t we all?  It is sooner than later now, and I just can’t wait to start the slow march back to our new normal.

Spring normally means the return of some favorite seasonal vendors back to our city and streets. With the pandemic threatening some of those returns, nothing made my day more than seeing the open-air storefront coolers at Screme Gelato Bar (at 176 West 94th Street), full of flavors and ready for a new season.

Screme Gelato Reopens

Let’s face it, not many things can make one happier than the guilty pleasure of a small (or large) bowl of gelato. After inhaling two scoops of wonderful, creamy Biscotti gelato, nearly without a breath, I asked the owner, Zohar Sasson how he’s doing on his first day back.

“I’m sitting here smiling even though I’m not doing sales. I have to be positive and do the best that I can do. If something is not working, I have to change things.”

Screme Gelato UWS

Screme has been a summertime staple for ten years on the Upper West Side. “The only thing in life we can do is to try. We can’t control if it’s going to succeed at the end of the process. If I don’t try, I’m never gonna know. I had to take action and open.”


Zohar learned to make gelato in Italy. He explained that most ice cream is made with heavy cream, eggs and preservatives, which is why it has a long shelf life. Alternatively, Screme uses simple ingredients with no chemicals.

“I prefer my sorbet flavors like Kiwi,” made simply, with fruit, water and sugar. For gelato, his recipes include whole vanilla bean, milk and cocoa.

Zohar wanted to open a business on the Upper West Side because “ New York consumers pay attention to detail. They want to eat something more natural without all the chemicals. The body feels when you eat something fake or unhealthy. You can taste the difference.”

Screme makes mouth-watering gelato and sorbet. Their motto says it all: Screme gelato, cause true love melts.


Screme Gelato Bar

“If you do good, you get good. It’s karma.”

Screme is now open from 1-8pm and will adjust and expand hours based on business.

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