Seasoned Acupuncturist Opens 72nd Street Suite

Annalisa Brown has just moved her practice, AB Acupuncture, across the park to the Upper West Side, settling into a clean and cozy space at 133 West 72nd Street (between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues).

72nd Street treatment room

Annalisa practiced acupuncture on the Upper East Side for years, but as someone who spent a ton of time on the UWS as a child, she’s absolutely thrilled to be back.

“My aunts lived in Manhattan and I spent a great deal of time staying on the Upper West Side on 79th and Columbus. This neighborhood is my first love and the first neighborhood I thought of as home.”

Annalisa Brown Acupuncture

Annalisa originally worked in the arts, and then in corporate America, but as someone who benefited from acupuncture for over 20 years, resulting in improved body positivity and no need for western pharmaceuticals, she ultimately decided to learn the practice and pass those benefits on to others.

Some of these benefits include less pain, more energy, better sleep, better digestion, better immune function and more.

“I’ve been seeing Annalisa for an array of reasons over the past year and the quality of treatment she provides keeps me coming back for more. She really tries to understand the patient’s condition and tailors the treatment to suit. She also researches the condition before and during the sessions to ensure the patient receives optimal care. It’s really hard to find a health care provider who really wants to get at the root of the problem. Thumbs up for being such a dedicated provider!”

Ginelle A, Patient

Annalisa graduated with a masters from NYC’s Pacific College of Health and Science and opened a small, part-time practice in Brooklyn.

She then started working at a medical practice on the Upper East Side, where the esteemed MD’s would refer their pain patients to her. Doctors around NYC would soon start sending her their patients as well.

Many medical doctors trust Annalisa because she’s developed a practice which seeks to bridge the gap between eastern and western styles of medicine. “I utilize acupuncture styles that work with the musculature of the body as well as the nervous system,” Annalisa says.

She has studied with all kinds of doctors, and her expertise of shortened and inhibited muscles allows her to relieve pain, tension and stress quickly.

Annalisa continues to advance her study of acupuncture neurology, using a Chinese practice called Xing Nao Kai Qiao which translates to “activating the brain and opening the orifices,” widely used to help stroke sufferers regain function and mobility.

The underlying issue causing your pain is also important to Annalisa. “Things like stress, sleep problems, digestive deficiencies, and lack of proper hydration all contribute to tightening muscles, reduced energy, brain fog and more.” She takes a holistic view of your health before getting started.

In addition, Annalisa teaches her patients certain breathing techniques which can help lower blood pressure, raise blood oxygen levels, helping strengthen the immune system and reduce anxiety.

Annalisa’s website is filled with testimonials from her patients, many of whom have followed her to the UWS!

She’s excited to help these long-time patients and meet new ones.

“I am thrilled to have moved to the Upper West Side; I feel immediately at home in this neighborhood. While I miss the doctors I worked with, my patients and I love that my new space is small and private. I am able to offer treatments in a completely sanitized space that doesn’t have to be shared with any other patients.”

Annalisa keeps her new space immaculately clean, which, when combined with the air-filtration system, screening procedures and mandatory mask wearing, ensures a clean and safe environment for everyone.

For first time patients who require extensive intake conversations, these are currently taking place through video chat or on the phone to keep in-person talking to a minimum.

Initial appointments with AB Acupuncture are usually $190, but Annalisa is offering our readers who mention this article a $60 discount until the end of the year. All subsequent appointments are $130.

To book an appointment please email Annalisa at or register with the practice here and she will contact you to choose a time.

Annalisa can also be reached at (347) 670-4228.

To learn more, please visit

AB Acupuncture

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