Serving up Some Fun This Winter @ the JCC

Registration for Winter/Spring Children + Families classes is now open to all!

There is so much to explore in 2024, with programs for all ages in art, dance, music, movement, performing arts, sports, and STEM.

Check out the JCC’s exciting new classes for Winter 2024:

Toddlers in Motion (18-24 months)
This new class is a delightful and magical space for parents, caregivers, and their babies to discover the joy of movement, rhythm, and self-expression. Guided by Coach Sheima, toddlers will be encouraged to explore and express themselves through gentle movements, providing a foundation for enhanced motor skills and body awareness.
Thu, Jan 18–Jun 6, 10–10:45 am

Sports FUNdamentals

Ages 18–24 Months
Introduce little ones to the basic skills of baseball, basketball, tennis, and soccer. Classes teach athletic skill-building and motor development in a warm and caring environment.
Mondays 10–10:45 am

Ages 2.5–3.5 Years
This energetic class introduces little athletes to the exciting world of baseball, basketball, tennis, and soccer. Whether dribbling, swinging, or running, we’ll ensure children learn the FUNdamentals while they play and have fun.
Wednesdays 11–11:45 am

Ages 3.5-9 Years
Soccer, football, hockey, tennis, basketball, team handball, and more! Children focus on teamwork and skill-building with the JCC’s renowned energetic coaching staff. Our athletes will develop athleticism and sportsmanship through creative warm-ups, fun drills, and class games. As kids grow, game strategy becomes a primary objective as we introduce friendly competition.

Mondays 3:15–4 pm (3.5–5 years)
Mondays 4–4:55 pm (4–6 years)
Thursdays 4–4:55 pm (6–8 years)
Mondays 5–5:55 pm (7–9 years)

The JCC is excited to announce its new, dynamic volleyball class! From bumping to setting, and serving to spiking, our experienced coaches guide them through the game’s essentials with excitement. Our athletes will also learn about court rotation, rules, and point calculation while learning about teamwork and good sportsmanship, values that extend well beyond the court!

Thu, Jan 18–Jun 4
4–4:45 pm (7–9 Years)
5–5:55 pm (9–11 Years)

Youth Theater Returns with “Matilda the Musical, JR.!”
The JCC is thrilled to bring back the enchanting magic of youth theater this Winter/Spring, where kids’ dreams take center stage as the JCC’s theater program Off-Broadway, On Amsterdam puts on Matilda the Musical, Jr. ! Over the course of 15 weeks, children will explore and develop concentration, imagination, character, and technique, learning with alongside professional actors, musicians, and choreographers. Auditions will take place for principal parts and chorus, with two performances in the JCC’s Auditorium.

Sundays, Jan 21-May 12
10–11 am (5-7 Years)
10 am–noon (8-13 Years)

Please visit the JCC’s Winter/Spring Classes Page to view all winter programs and register!

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