Shakespeare & Co Now Serving Wine + Beer

Shakespeare & Co, the popular bookstore which returned to the Upper West Side in late 2018, now has more than just books on their shelves.

While their in-house cafe opened with the store, they’re now serving alcohol; draft beers for $6 and wine for $11.

I’m not a huge wine drinker, but that’s certainly a pretty good deal for beer, assuming they’ve got some good options.

And it sounds like a great choice for those who shy away from over-crowded Upper West Side bars with blaring music.


It’s also an interesting example of the modern-day hybrid business; perhaps an intelligent way for Shakespeare & Co to diversify their offerings to increase sales, attract new customers and keep their regulars around for longer hours.

If you’re a teacher, they have a teacher’s happy hour every Wednesday between 5-7pm (with beer for $4 and wine for $10).

They first mentioned that they were serving beer and wine in early March, so clearly I’m a bit late to the party. But I’m guessing at least a few of you missed this as well!

In addition to the booze, the bookstore recently applied for an outdoor cafe with seating, something which was discussed at a recent Community Board 7 meeting (they applied to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 7 tables and 19 seats for a four year period).

Shakespeare & Co is located at 2020 Broadway, between 69th Streets and 70th Streets.

Here’s their website, Facebook and Instagram feed.

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