Shakespeare & Co

  Last modified on January 22nd, 2019

The Upper West Side Shakespeare & Co is located at 2020 Broadway, between 69th and 70th Streets.  The bookstore opened towards the end of 2018, but they used to have a location on 81st and Broadway which closed in 1996. The new store is 3,000 square feet and features a cafe, WiFi, and a book machine where customers can self-publish books the store doesn’t carry (including your own work).


Their patented Espresso Book Machine is a 3D printer which prints quality books using recycled paper … only printing what is actually going to get purchased. It will cost publishers only $15 to print a 150 page book.

Shakespeare and Co Espresso Book Machine

Shakespeare & Co can also display and sell your book, including offering book talks and readings!

Additional services for self-publishing authors include editing and graphic design.

The independent book store also has a digital catalogue through which you can search through seven million titles!  You can start conducting your search right here. They also offer cool merchandise like an Alice in Wonderland tote bag, a “Banned Books Mug” with a list of the most notorious banned books, and a globe for just $15.99 (seems cheap to me).

Shakespeare and Co also has a cafe serving all of the hot and iced coffee varieties, pastries and sandwiches.

Photos of Shakespeare & Co on the Upper West Side

shakespeare co uws

shakespeare & co upper west side

shakespeare and co upper west side

Shakespeare & Co Upper West Side

Shakespeare & Co. also has an Upper East Side location at 939 Lexington Ave, between 68th and 69th Streets, and a location in Philadelphia. They’re also planning on opening a West Village location this year.

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