Sherry Herring Closes Doors

sherry herring closes uws

Sherry Herring, which opened at 245 West 72nd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue in September 2021 – a few months before its shipment of herring actually arrived – has announced the end of its run.


“We appreciate your support and the memories we’ve created together,” wrote the fish sandwich shop on Instagram. “Although we won’t be at this location anymore, we’re excited for new culinary adventures. Stay connected for updates on our future plans. Thank you for being part of our journey at Sherry Herring.” The message was headlined with, “See you soon, New York.”

About a month ago, the restaurant told website Yeah That’s Kosher that they were expecting to close by September. In the same article, the publication announced that Sherry Herring had just lost its kosher certification.

Sherry Ansky opened the original Sherry Herring at a farmer’s market in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2011. Her daughter, Michal, founded the farmer’s market and gave her mom a stall, according to Gothamist.

The Upper West Side location was the second to open and became quickly popular for its sandwiches with herring, salmon, tuna and more. Earlier this year, Sherry Herring also launched an evening tapas menu to attract new crowds.


While the closing does seem sudden – they actually posted on Instagram that they were looking for new hires on March 5 – it turns out the founders back in Israel were simply looking for faster growth.

The Sherry Herring family is working on expanded concepts for a potential return to New York, while Chef Valentino Kaplun is working on a new concept that will feature vegan and seafood dishes.


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