Shooting Near McDonald’s on West 71st Street

  Last modified on January 7th, 2023

At roughly 3:45pm on Thursday, October 28, a man in his 70s was shot, the bullet grazing his leg by the McDonald’s by Broadway and West 71st Street, an NYPD spokesman told ILTUWS.

The shooter is still at large. Helicopters and sirens have been seen and heard in the area looking for the gunman. The victim was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and is in stable condition.

The video below was taken by a nearby resident after the shooting.

At Thursday evening’s 20th Precinct Community Council meeting, Captain Zuber said the incident was set off by a dispute between two small groups of “what appeared to be teenagers, maybe young 20s.” Zuber says at least one person had a gun, and the one bullet which was fired struck the innocent bystander. Luckily he’s already been treated and released.

Listen to more of Zuber’s comments below (click the play button).

We’ll provide an update as more details become available.

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