The Grand Bazaar Opens its Doors

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in Food & Drink, Gourmet Groceries, Local Business, Local Services, Locals, Other, Shopping, Street Scenes

Come visit one of the longest running markets in NYC by visiting the Grand Bazaar this summer. The market’s located in the heart of the Upper West Side at 100 West 77th Street and is open from 10am to 5.30pm. Read below to find out what’s awaiting in this new community space featuring plenty of indoor and outdoor stands with more than a hundred merchants selling anything from antiques and edibles to rare artisanal items!

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Columbus Circle Welcomes the TurnStyle

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Apparel, Coffee and Tea, Desserts and Bakeries, Food & Drink, Other, Shopping

The TurnStyle in Columbus Circle is a new Upper West Side food and retail project that aims to revolutionize what we’ve come to expect of the traditional subway commute by creating a unique underground retail center that’s fun and easy to navigate. We’ve compiled a quick list that will guide you to the very best this innovative space has to offer. Read below to take a look at the eateries and shops worth checking out on your way home from work.

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Vintage Stores on the Upper West Side

Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Antiques, Apparel, Art, Clothing, Home Decor, Other, Shopping

Vintage stores on the Upper West Side are hidden gems that offer great deals and quality finds at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for vintage designer clothes or antique decor items to add a unique feel to your home, the shops below have got you covered. You never know what treasure you might find next!

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Spring Street Festivals on the UWS

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Community, Events, Family, Food & Drink, Local Business, Locals, Other, Shopping

Street festival season is upon us, and here’s the list of where and when they will be happening on the Upper West Side. Everyone has a love/hate relationship with these fairs. On one hand, they give NYC the character and charm we all know and love – the vendors, the smells of souvlaki and crepes, the crowded sidewalks, and mindless browsing… and on the other hand, there’s closed streets and increased traffic. But hey, the good seems to outweigh the bad, yeah? We hope you go out and enjoy the live entertainment, food, cultural activities, rides, and unexpected shopping this Spring! Here’s the list (so far) of the confirmed festivals happening in our neighborhood:

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Upper West Side Bookstores

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Books, Education, Local Business, Locals, Other

Part of the attractiveness of living on the Upper West Side lies in it’s ability to attract creative minds to roam through its quaint streets. Many writers, actors, and artists are proud to call this area of Manhattan their home. The performing arts community is vibrant and their legacy is shared through the world class bookstores and libraries that serve to the neighborhood’s literature lovers. From independent Upper West Side bookstores to mom and pop shops, here are some of the best spots to find the next book to binge read before the arrival of spring.

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Upper West Side Thrift Shops

Posted by in Apparel, Clothing, Other, Shopping

New York, as many of us know, is the fashion capital of the world. It’s part of a conglomerate known as the “Big Four”. In case you are unfamiliar with what exactly the Big Four is, allow me to clear the fog from your window pane. The Big Four is a total of four cities that are globally known as fashion capitals. Those cities include Paris, Milan, London, and last but certainly not least: New York.

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