Singing and Music Lessons on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on September 23rd, 2019

The Upper West Side has been the home to countless of artists who freely roamed around the neighborhood’s music venues before they catapulted off to stardom. It’s no wonder that some of the best singing and music lessons in the city are located right here. No matter what your age may be, it’s never too late to pick up an instrument or find a new passion. So, don’t hold yourself back and discover a newfound sense of confidence by trying out one of the classes on the following pages.

The Smith School of Music

This Upper West Side music school at 131 West 86th Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. The school was founded by husband and wife Damien and Jessica Kelly. They’re now offering individual lessons in guitar, (classical and rock), piano, flute, violin and drums. All of the instructors have extensive experience and talents, showcasing their skills on the stage as well as in the classroom.

Guitar Lessons with Jimmy Rose

Don’t be afraid of touching the guitar that’s been collecting dust in the abandoned corner of your bedroom and learn how to play it by taking a class with Jimmy Rose. Rose is an accommodating and enthusiastic instructor who uses his expertise and background in musical training to teach proper guitar playing techniques. He helps students how to read music and gives them the unique opportunity to record and post videos on a website that he keeps updated. He believes in his students with a passion and his infectious attitude towards music helps them remain motivated at all times. A class with Jimmy will help you experience tremendous personal growth while learning how to play a full song with your guitar.

Bloomingdale School of Music

The Bloomingdale School of Music is a nonprofit community school that offers group and individual free weekly classes to public school children. Bloomingdale has been leading in music education since 1964 and was the first school of it’s kind to provide quality education to those who seek it without taking the child’s background or socioeconomic status into account. They offer group classes in keyboard, violin, and guitar as well as private lessons in horn, string, and wind instruments. This summer, a unique workshop called “Carnival of the Instruments” will teach children how to explore the different instruments that make up an orchestra through singing exercises and keyboard instruction. At the end of the workshop, the children will be able to showcase their talent with a final performance onstage.

WeBop @ Jazz Academy

The Jazz Academy has a wildly popular 8-week music program called WeBop that has become one of the most sought after music classes in the city. WeBop is an award winning program in which children 8 months to 5 years old get to jam out while learning about jazz in the company of their parents. The classes involve a bunch of stomping, strutting, and swinging to the rhythms of jazz as they learn about the genre’s core concepts. Children will also get to explore jazz through movement songs and storytelling. WeBop provides a a wonderful environment that can benefit children when it comes to expressing themselves in a positive way and enhancing their creativity. The Jazz Academy also offers a variety of programs that are for adults, high schoolers, and even businessmen.

Everybody Can Sing!

Since 1998, the Everybody Can Sing! studio has been helping people get rid of their fear of singing thanks to the lessons and techniques taught by Elissa Weiss. Weiss is a soprano, harpist, a founding member of acclaimed vocal ensemble The Salomone Trio, and has won the prestigious Make Music NY contest. She’s a patient and sensitive teacher that makes her students feel comfortable and at ease. She’s the perfect instructor for those who are new to singing and are looking for lessons that will teach them how to use and warm-up their vocals. Weiss also provides training techniques and tips to improve proper breathing, posture, and relaxation.

Madeline Bruser Piano Studio

Madeline Bruser is one of New York City’s leading piano teachers and the author of “The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart.” The techniques she uses in her lessons come from her unique approach called Art of Practicingwhich she’s been employing since 1985. Her method consists of combining traditional music training with mindfulness, sensory awareness, and rhythmic principles in order to bring a a sense of renewed trust in the ability of the individual as a musician. Bruser teaches private piano lessons and workshops at her Upper West Side studio and she’s an expert in making her students feel more physically and mentally prepared to perform onstage (while also learning how to manage stress and anxiety).


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