Sledding Spots of the UWS

If you’re looking to get out to enjoy the wintery blanket before it melts, the New York City Parks Department has a list of ideal sledding spots throughout the city, which of course includes the UWS.

They do state, however, that “while sledding is allowed in New York City parks, it is illegal to go sledding on golf courses.” So don’t do that!

Central Park’s official city favorite is Pilgrim Hill, near 72nd and Fifth Avenue. Central Park’s Great Hill, near 103rd and CPW, is also a great option, as is Cedar Hill (enter at East 79th Street).

central park sledding

photo by Flickr user Shinya Suzuki

Riverside Park’s West 103rd Street hill was mentioned by the city, but there’s also a popular hill at 91st Street near Hippo Playground. And there’s a narrow but super fun hill just past the tunnel at West 72nd Street.

And finally, Morningside Park has lots of options; NYC Parks recommends the hills at 110th, 113th and 122nd streets.

Where’s your favorite sledding spot? Let us know in the comments below!

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